What We Do


  • Translation
    English-Spanish / Spanish-English.
  • Composition
    of texts both in English and Spanish, and development of projects. We can write texts in the object language from an outline, idea or some data, we do the research and we create the structure and the contents in the style selected beforehand.
  • Correction
    and optimization of texts and translations in English and Spanish (spelling, typo, grammar, structure, rhythm and style). We revise, clean and perfect the text so it is more coherent and uniform.
  • Digitalization
    (and time coding) of texts in English and Spanish from different sources including audiovisual formats and handwritten, typed and previously published texts.
  • Promotion
    we give advice on possible online marketing lines.

Work areas

  • Comunication 2.0: webs, blogs, social media, webmasters, forums, chats, catalogues, online publicity and manuals, mailings, newsletters, internal documents, multimedia presentations.
  • Audiovisual material: TV series, films, documentaries, music, videogames, interviews, short movies, trailers, promos, teasers, commercials, radio programmes, screenplays, TV series bibles, programme development, synopsis, slogans, subtitles, dubbing, debates, corporative videos.
  • Journalistic and literary texts: books, journalistic items, articles, columns, interviews, press releases, reviews, galley proofs, biographies (personal, business, cultural, geographical), congresses, talks, conferences, discussions, corporate magazines, commemorative books, updating of obsolete texts.
  • Artistic proyects: catalogues and signposting for exhibitions and museums, résumés for professionals, associations and foundations, talks, theses, project presentations, grant and scholarship application forms.
  • Marketing and publicity: online shops, flyers, leaflets and brochures, catalogues, slogans, material for designers.

+QT works with words and specializes in both members’ native languages: English and Spanish. We work as a team, summing up knowledge and checking cultural references between one language and the other. It is essential for a good translation to know not just the language but also the culture of both the original and object languages, as well as being familiar with the subject of the text.


Revisión y traducción de textos sobre arte


In +QT’s DNA there is a core idea: culture and its satellites. That´s why we collaborate with film/TV/publicity production agencies, television channels, record labels, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, museums, cultural centres, galleries, theatre groups, writers, artists, associations and foundations, NGOs, design/architecture/fashion/casting agencies, travel agencies, commercial businesses as well as individuals.