Sidonie: the worst band in the world?

They came, they performed and they triumphed. Más Que Traductores couldn’t miss the chance to see Sidonie on their visit to the Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao. We’d never seen the venue as jam-packed and the punters so up-for-it, and the truth is that they were not disappointed. Sidonie’s latest album, “El peor grupo del mundo” (The Worst Band In The World), is as bright and partyish as the band themselves. And this poses a bit of a contradiction as, despite the title, they are probably one of the best groups on the current Spanish indie scene.

As they have demonstrated over their 20 year career, the band’s members are exhibitionists when it comes to having a good time and their concerts are more like a house party than just a simple interaction between band and audience. Marc, Jesús and Axel give everything in every performance and have a great time themselves – obviously enjoying every minute they’re on stage. And they want to share this with their loyal fans. Marc Ros always ends up among the audience, sharing their sweat, being carried on someone’s shoulders, dragging himself up the banisters, kissing the girls and inviting people to share his mic. And, as you’d expect, everyone plays along. The band seem to enjoy themselves so much and things reach such a delirious state that it’s almost infantile – they don’t quite know what to do with themselves next, like kids on a sugar-rush. They touch each other up, take off their t-shirts, do weird things with the microphone… they are really alive and kicking and they want you to know it.

“El peor grupo del mundo” contains real hits (quite a few) which will no doubt end up as an important part of the band’s future repertoire of songs. Some also ended up as earworms for the audience for days after the gig, like the title track which invents (or perhaps not) in a fun way the disastrous origins of a pop band.  While in that song they manage to mention The Ramones, it’s Marlon Brando’s turn in “Siglo XX” (20th Century) and Brian Eno’s in “Os Queremos” (We Love You). Morrissey’s turn arrives in “Carreteras Infinitas” (Endless Roads), a song which pays tribute to other bands from Sidonie’s generation such as Lori Meyers and Los Planetas. The band could, however, be accused of taking a step too close to some sort of pop abyss. Well, so what? As long as they keep making us dance and even laugh out loud  at some of their lyrics  – check out Los coches aún no vuelan” (Cars Aren’t Flying Yet) or “No sé dibujar un perro” (I Don’t Know How To Draw a Dog) – we’ll carry on looking forward to their performances. They say some people look better when they take their clothes off. Well, Sidonie don´t need to do that, as they bare all as soon as they take to the stage.

Sidonie: the worst band in the world?
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