+QT’s First Birthday


A year has now gone by since we started this new project Más Que Traductores, putting into practice our knowledge of the cultural panorama and applying it to the translation and composition of texts. Since we started, we have had the pleasure of participating in various initiatives, and being involved in worlds as different as those of fashion and performance art.

To mark this anniversary, what better way than to look at the origins of how the team came about. And look at what we discovered: everything began with literature.

Let’s start at the beginning, as the best stories usually do. As you might already know, the two-headed +QT team is comprised of two people: one English and the other Basque-Spanish. The “Brit” grew up in both England and New Zealand, while the “Spaniard” was raised in the Basque Country. So far, not too much in common.  Flashforward: this summer, while doing some country rambling in some of the many walking routes in Devon, this picture was taken.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about it: four people and a dog walking in the countryside. But the two brains of +QT couldn’t help thinking that they had just captured something unique: the only picture that exists of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, but fifty years on.

los-cinco-11  five_on_a_treasure_island_novel_coverart  los-cinco-de-enid-blyton

Flashback: when the Spanish member of +QT was just a boy, he came across a collection of “Famous Five” books which were to change his life forever. They told about the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne and George, along with their dog Timothy, getting to the bottom of mysteries, discovering hidden treasure, escaping from smugglers and wandering around the English countryside. Not to mention those strange sounding meals to Spanish ears (what on earth was “ginger beer”, “meat pies” and “strawberry and blackberry jam”?). All of this unleashed something in his unsuspecting mind, something also two-folded. The first was the passion for reading and books as an essential component of life. The second, the curiosity towards the British culture, which would later on lead him to studying the English language.

los-cinco-enid-blyton-04Flashforward: the Spanish part of +QT finished his degree and decided to try his luck in the United Kingdom, broadening his horizons and his ability with the language and who knows, perhaps one day embarking on some adventures on the coastal paths of Cornwall or Devon. The British member of +QT also ended up back in the British Isles after years in the Antipodes. Their paths crossed in London. And a few years later, Más Que Traductores was born. And all thanks to some books.

+QT’s First Birthday

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