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La Memoria del Cuerpo

In Mas Que Traductores we have been “more than busy” over the last year. In fact, we haven´t stopped at all. For the last twelve months we have been involved in an audiovisual project which is about to be released. It is the short documentary “La Memoria del Cuerpo: Formas en el Espacio-Tiempo” (“The memory of the Body: Shapes in Time and Space”), directed by Roberto Menéndez, 50% of +QT. The documentary is about Contemporary Dance in Spain and features five splendid winners of the National Dance Awards: Daniel Abreu, Chevi Muraday, Sol Picó, Kukai Dantza and Carmen Werner. At the moment we are working on the translation of the script for the English subtitles. As an appetizer you can check the trailer out on the following link:


Alicia y las ciudades invisibles

But that doesn´t mean we have abandoned our work as translators. In fact it´s quite the opposite -we have been rather active in that respect. Over the last few months we have worked with Onírica Mecánica, one of the most original alternative theatre companies on the Spanish stage. From their base in Murcia they have been gathering international awards for years thanks to their intricate offerings, full of imagination and subtlety. In +QT we had the honour of translating their latest work: “Alicia y las ciudades invisibles” (“Alice and the invisible cities”), by the director of the company, Jesús Nieto.

And on top of that we have had the pleasure of collaborating significantly with Gorabide, a non-profit organization in Biscay (Spain) which supports people with intellectual disabilities and their families, as well as their tutors, to defend their rights and to improve their quality of life. They do a great job and it is a luxury to work with this NGO.

So we have nothing to complain regarding the last academic year. Let´s see what the new one brings us.

Our latest jobs

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