Traducción de textos para distintos formatosWhen we came up with the idea of creating an agency dedicated to the translation and wording of texts, we knew that we didn’t want to be just another translation agency. The first thing our market research showed us was that the majority of translation agencies cover most languages, contracting external translators when necessary. Right from the start we knew at +QT that we didn’t want to do things that way. Our native languages are English and Spanish, and that’s what we offer: specialization in the two languages. We are the ones who want to take care of 100% of our work so as to be able to offer the quality that our clientele deserve.

The second thing we found out was that there are translation agencies that specialize in legal texts while others are experts in scientific or medical terminology. And there are those that have years of experience translating technical manuals in the fields of I.T., engineering and technology. But there are no agencies which offer specialization in the area of culture. And this is the field that +QT control: culture. Because as our name indicates, +QT (Más Que Traductores) means we are More Than Translators. We are journalists, DJs, teachers, artists and scriptwriters. We know about cinema, music, theatre, social networking, art and fashion. And because of that we can rework your webpage or blog in English and Spanish. We can also translate your script and make it look professional, or create subtitles for your short film. Or even translate the information plaques in your museum so that tourists can actually understand them. Or we can fine-tune that old theatre play that you’ve got written down on paper and then translate and digitalize it. We could go on, but maybe it’s time you let us know what you want.